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Mastering SEO: Your Gateway to Digital Success

SEO: An Insight into Its Trends and Significance

In today’s digital landscape, the main challenge is to reach the target audience. As we all know, online mediums serve as the channel for information and commerce, but the users have a lot to choose from. This is where Search Engine Optimization or SEO comes into the picture. SEO is an integral part of digital marketing because it is responsible for website visibility on search engines. Understanding SEO is crucial for businesses and individuals who are looking to succeed in the digital world.

Initially, SEO was mainly about keyword research and keyword insertion. But, with time, SEO has evolved and there is a dynamic change in the way SEO strategies are structured and implemented. While most people know SEO as a part of digital marketing, they fail to understand its importance.

The main purpose of SEO strategies is to enhance a website’s visibility and increase website traffic. SEO allows you to target a specific target audience which helps in increasing conversions.

With the right SEO tactics, you can also build trust and credibility for your brand/business in the online sphere. Those who invest in SEO can also get a competitive advantage over their competitors in the digital market if they implement the right strategies in a timely manner.

This cost-effective marketing technique can help you reach a global audience and increase your potential customer base effectively.

Now that we know the importance of SEO in digital marketing, let’s understand the latest SEO trends.

SEO Trends in 2023 You Must Know About

  • Voice Search has taken the centre stage

Voice Search is growing rapidly so it is necessary for the websites to be optimised for voice search queries. Ranking higher is all the more important now because of voice search because with voice search queries only a single result gets visibility. All you can do is up your SEO game to get to the top of the search results.

  • Visual Search is now more advanced and widely used

Users are always on the lookout for convenient, easy, and quick ways of searching. Visual Search is widely used for shopping purposes and the popularity of Google Lens has given this search method a great push.  Implementing Image SEO is the only way to get the best results from this trend.

  • Video SEO is all set to become more important

YouTube is the second most used search engine and search engines also incorporate videos into their search results. Optimizing your video with the best SEO techniques can help you get more traffic.

  • User experience now plays a crucial role in rankings

The fact is that user experience matters the most to search engines and that is how the rankings get affected. It is best to implement the right technical SEO tactics to ensure your user gets the best experience.

Simply knowing about the trends is not enough, implementing the SEO strategies in time is more important. A certificate course in SEO is all you need to gain the most out of these trends.

Edrupt’s Certificate Course in SEO

Initiated by RMB (Rank my Business) Edrupt is a knowledge hub offering several digital marketing courses for freshers, working professionals, and graduates. The certificate course in SEO offered by Edrupt is known for its comprehensive take on SEO and other aspects of digital marketing. Additionally, the course is structured to be industry-relevant which makes it even more beneficial.

Furthermore, RMB’s DSPREP (Digital Space Professional Rewarding Excellence Program) aims to make students job-ready for the dynamic digital marketing industry. For more details on Edrupt’s courses, get in touch with us.

Still wondering why you must join our certificate course in SEO? Here are a few reasons that will help you decide:

Why You Must Join Our Certificate Course in SEO

  1. Detailed curriculum

Our certificate course in SEO covers all the aspects of SEO. Right from on-page SEO and off-page SEO to technical SEO and analytics, the course curriculum aims to give you a deep insight into everything related to Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Experienced instructors

Our certificate course in SEO has highly experienced instructors who have had in-depth industry exposure. They bring real-life experiences to the classroom, offering practical insights and guidance.

  1. Emphasis on practicals

Our certificate course in SEO includes several projects and assignments that will give you practical knowledge on how to structure SEO campaigns, analyse data, and implement SEO strategies.

  1. Certification

Upon the completion of the certificate course in SEO, you will receive a recognised certificate that can be used to enhance your resume. The certificate will add value to your resume and will showcase your skills as an SEO professional.

  1. Well-structured curriculum

The curriculum of our certificate course in SEO is as per the new updates in the industry. We see to it that all our students are trained as per the industry’s needs and requirements.

  1. Career support

Career support is a part of our certificate course in SEO. We provide career support to help students take their first step in the industry. Our seminars and workshops will also give you numerous opportunities to network with industry professionals.

  1. Cost-effective

Our certificate course in SEO is cost-effective and accessible to most individuals who have a passion and willingness to learn SEO. We believe that financial constraints should not stop an individual from enhancing their professional skills and hence, offer courses at cost-effective prices.

  1. Access to relevant tools and resources

The certificate course in SEO also includes free access to tools and resources that are needed for the SEO training. We give you access to all the premium tools and resources that are difficult and expensive to acquire independently.

It can be rightly said that investing in our certificate course in SEO is the best way to scale up your digital marketing skills.

Benefits of Enrolling in Our Certificate Course in SEO

✓     Structured learning

Our certificate course in SEO has a structured curriculum designed by experts in the industry. The course covers all the essential topics needed to become a pro in SEO.

✓     Current and relevant knowledge

The course will give you the latest knowledge on the ongoing SEO trends, techniques, and algorithm changes.

✓     Career advancement

Completing a certificate course in SEO will improve your career graph and open new doors of opportunities.

✓     Peer learning and networking

Joining a certificate course in SEO will connect you with like-minded individuals. Moreover, these courses also give you a chance to interact with industry experts which will give you valuable exposure and industry insight.

✓     Independence

Learning SEO allows you to take control of your online presence. Likewise, you can independently improve your business’s online presence if you know SEO. This can save you a lot of time and money.

Syllabus Overview of Certificate Course in SEO


➔ SEO Basics 

➔ Abbreviation in SEO 

➔ Search Engine Crawling, Indexation, Retrieving  

➔ SEO Auditing  

➔ On Page and Technical  

➔ SEO Keyword Research in SEO  

➔ Google Algorithm in SEO  

➔ Link Building for SEO: Scaling Your Backlink Strategy  

➔ Indexing of Backlinks  

➔ Local SEO  

➔ Google Analytics & Google Search Console  

➔ SEO Reporting  


➔ Introduction to Google  

➔ Ad words AdWords Terminologies  

➔ Google Ads Network types  

➔ Google Ad words Account Structure  

➔ Google Search Network  

                   ❏ Keywords (Match types, Keywords planner)  

                   ❏ Ad Types  

                   ❏ Search ads best practices  

                   ❏ Ad Extensions  

➔ Campaign Types – Introduction to Search, Display (including Videos), Shopping and Mobile-specific campaign types, and when/why to use them  

➔ Creation of Search Network campaign 

➔ Creation of Display Network campaign  

➔ App Install campaign Introduction  

➔ Shopping campaign Introduction  

➔ YouTube campaign – Introduction  


➔ Introduction to Facebook Ads  

➔ What are the career options you will have on Facebook Ads  

➔ Why should you use Facebook Ads  

➔ Budget Making Strategy  

➔ Where do Facebook Ads appear  

➔ Formats used in Facebook Ads  

➔ What are Facebook Ads good for?  

➔ Things required to set up Facebook Ads  

➔ Setup Facebook business page and Instagram account  

➔ Facebook Ads Funnel System  

➔ Facebook Pixel Setup  

➔ UTM tracking  

➔ Landing page creation tool for Ads  

➔ Facebook Campaign Objectives and Explanation  

➔ The architecture of Facebook Ads 

➔ Targeting Basics in Facebook Ads 

➔ How to take other Facebook Business access account  

➔ Billing Information  

➔ Audience types, Retargeting, Look-alike, Regular  

➔ Reporting  

➔ Optimisation & Monitoring 


➔ Why Content is the foundation of SMM  

➔ Psychology of Social Sharing  

➔ Building Content That is Inherently Shareable  

➔ Instagram & LinkedIn Marketing  

➔ LinkedIn as A Marketing Platform 

➔ Twitter Marketing & Social Media Marketing Tools 

➔ Crafting A Successful Social Media Strategy

Eligibility Criteria for Our Certificate Course in SEO

There are no strict eligibility limitations or restrictions for this certificate course in SEO. However, to get the most out of this course, the students must possess the following:

  • Have completion of at least Class 12 
  • Basic proficiency in writing, reading, and communicating in English 
  • Familiarity with basic internet usage and computer operations 

(T&C Apply)

Fee Structure of Our Certificate Course in SEO

We have two fee structure options for our certificate course in SEO. Both options provide a wide range of benefits and are affordable.

Fee Range for Vocational Courses 

Amount: 15,000 to ₹20,000  

Duration: 3 Months,  

Eligibility: 12th Pass  

Fee Range for College Student Package  

Amount: ₹35,000 to ₹40,000  

Duration: 6 Months  

(T&C Apply)

Who Can Join Our Certificate Course in SEO?

Our certificate course in SEO is beneficial for:

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to improve their online presence
  • Individuals looking for a career change and want to work in the SEO industry
  • Individuals wanting to work as SEO freelancers or part-time SEO professionals
  • Professionals who want to create an added source of income with their SEO skills
  • UI/UX designers and developers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Homemakers wanting to restart their career in SEO
  • Fresh graduates who have a keen interest in SEO and want to master the skills
  • Working professionals wanting to improve their resume with SEO skills
  • Individuals on a career break wanting to learn SEO

The certificate course in SEO is almost like a prerequisite for individuals wanting to excel in digital marketing. Our staff is always available to answer your queries and doubts. Get in touch with us at the earliest for more details on the course.

To give you more understanding of the course, we also have answers to some commonly asked questions.

What do our ex-students say about our Search Engine Optimization Specialization Courses?

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Arvind Mane

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Edrupt’s DSPREP Offerings

FactorsAdvanceIntermediate BBasicPrimary
 Level – 3Level – 2Level – 110+2 School Level
DURATION12 Months3-4 Months1 MonthsYes
TEACHINGLive + OnlineLive + OnlineLive + OnlineLive + Online
PROJECTLive & AbroadLive & RegionalYesSmall
POST PROGRAM ACCESSLifetimeLifetime1 YearLimited
TUTORExclusive 24×7YesYesYes
TOOLS AND SOFTWARESWorth 100kWorth 65kWorth 20kYes, Limited
LIBRARYLive + DigitalDigitalDigitalYes, Limited
COMMUNITYLifetime5 Years1 yearsNo
POTENTIAL JOB OFFERYes, In-handYes, In-handNoNo
*T & C apply, as per company policy

FAQs Related to Certificate Course in SEO

Completing this certificate course in SEO will give you in-depth knowledge about SEO. You will be able to optimize websites with the right tactics. Also, it will enhance your career prospects in the field of digital marketing.
This certificate course in SEO can be beneficial for both freshers and working professionals. You do not need to have any prior experience for this course.
For a detailed curriculum, please get in touch with our support staff. Broadly, this course covers everything from technical SEO to the latest SEO trends and practices.
For more information on our course offerings, please get in touch with us. We have both online and offline courses for digital marketing.

We focus on giving students practical SEO training and our course includes working on real-life projects that will train you in SEO technicalities. This certificate course in SEO is a perfect blend of theory and practical.