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Ready To Get on The Path of Digital Marketing?

Rise of Digital Marketing

We live in an era where a business is identified through its online presence. Digital marketing is now used in almost every industry because of its easy accessibility and reach. Brands and businesses who were earlier struggling for audience reach are now building strategies to get the audience’s attention! Looking at the scenario it is only logical that one learns digital marketing skills without a second thought.

Driven by data and analytics, digital marketing has now become a growth engine for all kinds of businesses. Traditional marketing had several limitations with regards to marketing channels, audience reach, and pricing. Moreover, there was a one-track approach to strategies and no scope for personalisation. Digital marketing has changed all of that for the better!

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing and every strategy can be structured as per the business goals and objectives. Additionally, the scope of interaction in digital marketing also makes it the best marketing technique for today’s consumers. To get the most out of this marketing technique, it is necessary to know about quite a few things such as data analysis, content creation, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and so on.The best way to acquire these skills is to learn digital marketing online.

Most students and professionals are now wanting to learn digital marketing online. This is because online learning comes with a range of benefits. Before we get to why you must learn digital marketing online, it is important to know why digital marketing is such an important skill to acquire.

Why You Must Acquire Digital Marketing Skills

  1. To align with the digital world

We live in a digital world where both businesses and consumers are active on digital platforms. This makes digital marketing a channel for reaching and engaging. Right from communication to searching and purchasing products and services, it is the digital platforms that are used. To market effectively on these platforms it becomes necessary to learn digital marketing.

  1. Measurable results

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing provides in-depth data that can be measured and analysed. You can track the performance of your campaigns in real-time and analyse the past performance to create better future strategies. When you choose to learn digital marketing online you will also get to know how to interpret the data and analyse the same.

  1. Global reach

The biggest advantage of digital marketing is its global reach. You can reach a global audience and expand your brand or business beyond the local market with digital marketing strategies.

  1. Diverse marketing platforms

Digital marketing offers you a wide range of platforms and channels to choose from. From social media channels to email marketing, there are ample of marketing opportunities available. When you choose to learn digital marketing online you will get in-depth knowledge of how to make the most out of these channels and platforms.

  1. Flexibility

It is possible to create an effective digital marketing strategy for all kinds of business goals and objectives. The adaptability of the digital landscape is worth taking advantage of. The digital marketing trends are always changing and it is necessary to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. If you choose to learn digital marketing online you can equip yourself with the latest marketing trends and strategies efficiently.

  1. Helps adapt to the change in user behaviour

Consumers nowadays simply turn to the internet to learn about products and services. This can also help you identify the shift in their buying behaviour and preferences. It is best to learn digital marketing online to know how to detect the shift in consumer behaviour and how to tackle the same with effective marketing strategies.

  1. Competitive advantage

Businesses that use digital marketing effectively can gain a competitive edge in the market. With the right audience targeting and impactful messaging on the best digital platforms, it is possible to build strong customer relationships.

Digital marketing skills are no longer an added value but a necessity!

Learn Digital Marketing Online with Edrupt

Initiated by RMB (Rank My Business) Edrupt is known for offering industry-relevant digital marketing courses. It can be rightly said that Edrupt is your go-to institute if you want to learn digital marketing online. Every digital marketing course planned by Edrupt is industry-relevant. The comprehensive training on all the aspects of digital marketing makes this course highly beneficial.

Not only that, RMB’s DSPREP (Digital Space Professional Rewarding Excellence Program) aims to make students job-ready and equip them to deal with the dynamic digital sphere. Still wondering why you must choose Edrupt to learn digital marketing online? Check out the reasons below-

Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing Online with Edrupt

  1. Comprehensive curriculum
The curriculum of our online digital marketing course is planned with great attention to detail. The course covers a wide range of topics which includes everything from social media marketing to search engine optimisation.
  1. Industry experts as trainers
All our online course instructors have first-hand experience working as digital marketing professionals. If you plan to learn digital marketing with us online, you will get a holistic understanding of this industry. The instructors will bring to you the real picture of the digital marketing world.
  1. Certification
Upon the successful completion of the course, we will give you a certificatethat will become a valuable addition to your resume and demonstrate your skills as a digital marketing professional. Already planning to learn digital marketing online with us? Get in touch with us as soon as possible for more details!
  1. Flexibility
You can get a lot of flexibility if you choose to learn digital marketing online. We understand that everyone has a busy schedule these days and that is why we have designed flexible online course formats where in you can have unlimited access to the study material. Whether you are a full-time professional or a student, our courses will fit into your schedule.
  1. Industry-relevant content
The aim of our online digital marketing course is to make you job-ready. Our course instructors will give you industry-relevant knowledge which will also give you a glimpse of the challenges the industry faces.
  1. Career support
If you decide to learn digital marketing online with us, we will make sure to provide you with the assistance you need for your career. We offer job placement assistance for all our students so that they get the go-ahead in their careers after course completion.
  1. Networking opportunities
With the help of our live seminars and workshops, you will get a chance to interact and communicate with like-minded individuals who are equally passionate about digital marketing. Our digital marketing course is structured as per the industry’s latest developments. Moreover, our instructors will also give you practical assignments and projects to work on for better skill-building.

What Does Our Online Digital Marketing Course Cover?

If you plan to learn digital marketing online with us, here is a glimpse of what the course curriculum will include-
  1. Fundamentals of digital marketing
Digital marketing has several aspects and it is necessary to have a strong foundation before learning in-depth about each of them. We will train the students thoroughly so that they are aware of the technical terms and marketing concepts.
  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Our course will give you training on how to optimize a website for search engines, how to increase organic traffic, implement SEO strategies, conduct keyword research, and understand performance metrics.
  1. Social media marketing
If you plan to learn digital marketing online with us, you will get in-depth knowledge on how to make the best use of different social media platforms for digital marketing. The course will help you learn how to communicate effectively with your audience on social media to meet business goals and objectives.
  1. Data and analytics
To master the art of digital marketing, it is important to know how to read the data and analyse it. The analysis and interpretation are important to structuring effective digital marketing strategies.
  1. Google AdWords
Learn how to enhance and optimise your paid search campaigns with Google AdWords. Other than the stated, you will also learn about Facebook Ads, email marketing, and other aspects of digital marketing.

Who Can Join Our Online Digital Marketing Course?

Our digital marketing course is valid for everyone be it students or working professionals. Additionally, our course is also apt for:

  • Individuals looking for a career change and wanting to step into digital marketing
  • Homemakers wanting to start freelancing or a full-time career in digital marketing
  • Individuals looking for an added source of income through digital marketing
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to enhance their digital presence
  • Working professionals wanting to upgrade their digital marketing skills
  • Individuals wanting to add another skill to their resume for better job opportunities
  • UI/UX designers
  • Affiliate marketers

Eligibility Criteria to Learn Digital Marketing Online

There are no strict eligibility criteria or limitations for this digital marketing course, however, the students must possess the following:

  • Have completion of at least Class 12
  • Basic proficiency in writing, reading, and communicating in English
  • Familiarity with basic internet usage and computer operations

(T&C Apply)

Fee Structure of Our Digital Marketing Course

We have options for the fee structure of our digital marketing course. Both options provide a wide range of benefits and are affordable.

Fee Range for Vocational Courses 

Amount: 15,000 to ₹20,000  

Duration: 3 Months,  

Eligibility: 12th Pass  

Fee Range for College Student Package  

Amount: ₹35,000 to ₹40,000  

Duration: 6 Months   

Planning to learn digital marketing online with us? Contact us at the earliest for more information and allow us to guide you.

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Edrupt’s DSPREP Offerings

FactorsAdvanceIntermediate BBasicPrimary
 Level – 3Level – 2Level – 110+2 School Level
DURATION12 Months3-4 Months1 MonthsYes
TEACHINGLive + OnlineLive + OnlineLive + OnlineLive + Online
PROJECTLive & AbroadLive & RegionalYesSmall
POST PROGRAM ACCESSLifetimeLifetime1 YearLimited
TUTORExclusive 24×7YesYesYes
TOOLS AND SOFTWARESWorth 100kWorth 65kWorth 20kYes, Limited
LIBRARYLive + DigitalDigitalDigitalYes, Limited
COMMUNITYLifetime5 Years1 yearsNo
POTENTIAL JOB OFFERYes, In-handYes, In-handNoNo
*T & C apply, as per company policy

Frequently Asked Questions

It is necessary to be consistent and attentive throughout the course to get the most out of it. As a digital marketing professional, you must be thorough with the basics, have good communication skills, and a solution-oriented approach. Make sure you attend the online course with focus and you’re good to go!
No, this course is designed for both freshers and working professionals. This course does not require you to have any prior working experience.
You can get into any of the digital marketing niches as per your interest level and skills. Some of the common choices are content manager, SEO specialist, social media manager, paid media specialist, and digital marketing specialist.
We provide career support and job assistance to connect you with potential employers. We will also help you develop your portfolio so that you attract the right opportunities.
We will provide you with all the study material including the tools and resources. All you need is a good internet connection and a smart device to attend the course.
Yes, once the course is complete, we will give you a certificate which will demonstrate your digital marketing skills.
We focus on providing practical knowledge to all our students which will help them in the real world. If you plan to learn digital marketing online with us, you will receive comprehensive knowledge and technical know-how.
We have competitive pricing for all our courses. For more information on course fees and payment details, get in touch with us.